Microsoft Confirms “What works on Windows 7 will work on Windows 8”!

September 19, 2011

Hello Again Sage ERP MAS 500 Partners,

I am excited to share with you today news from last week’s Microsoft BUILD Conference.  During the conference keynote, Microsoft confirmed that any application, including VB6 applications, that works on Windows 7 will also work on Windows 8.  Further, our own Wei Li was in attendance and received a Windows 8 tablet.  He installed both the Windows 8 desktop and the Windows 8 server and confirmed that Sage ERP MAS 500 Version 7.4 and the development version 7.5 run perfectly in the new operating system.  This is wonderful news!

We can now continue to develop and promote Sage ERP MAS 500 with confidence in its continuing sustainability, while taking advantage of the advances in technology promised with the release of Windows 8.  We can continue with our plans to move forward with adding features that strengthen our dominance in key verticals, confident in our ability to deliver efficient software without the need for workarounds to make them compatible with newer operating systems.  We will continue to pursue connected services and leverage our ecosystem of strong development partners to tailor systems to the specific needs of our customers while at the same time making it increasingly easier for custom work to survive upgrades.

As we come to the close of the current fiscal year, this news should give you added confidence in the marketplace to approach prospects and close deals knowing that Sage ERP MAS 500 is here to stay!

I am in the final stages of updating the Sage ERP MAS 500 Roadmap and should have that posted in the next week or so.  Additionally, we are looking at how we can help you in the new year to bring in additional business.

Stay tuned for more news!  In the meantime, don’t forget about the sales tools at your disposal now on the Partner Marketing Resource Center.  And while you’re at it, why not get connected?

Thanks for listening!


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