Hello Sage 500 ERP Partners,

Show of hands – how many of you want to increase your revenue this year from software sales?  Okay, good to know.  Now, how many of you want to increase your revenue this year from consulting?  Really – that many of you?  Interesting.  So, if there were a session at Sage Summit 2012 that could demonstrate a tactic that could, according to one reliable source, increase your software revenue by 20% and your consulting revenue by up to 40% – would it be worth your while to attend?  What if that same strategy could mean the difference between staying in any deal versus being dismissed after the first pass?  Would that be enough to encourage you to sign up?

Well, guess what.  We have just such a session planned for Sunday, August 12 and there is still plenty of room for you to attend.  The name of the session is Vertical Options and Sage 500 ERP.  Come join us for this informative, important, profitable session.  You can see the details on who the panel member will be here.

Don’t miss this opportunity!  See you there!


Rumors of Change?

June 4, 2012

Hello Again Sage 500 ERP Partners,

Okay, so you may have already heard the rumor and I just want to set the record straight.

Yes, I have taken on the management of Sage ERP X3.

No, I have NOT abandoned Sage 500 ERP.

As of Mid-May, I now hold the title of Senior Product Manager (not that a title changes the job description in the least),  and the management of both products is now my pleasure and responsibility.  We here at Sage have determined the best way to manage these products is from a portfolio perspective … leveraging the strengths of each for the customers best suited to that solution and continuing to strengthen each to maximize the value for both existing and prospective customers.  This means I will be able to look at both products and drive the future of both in parallel rather than in competition; in the interest of true organic growth rather than a mere shuffling of the revenue from one bucket to another.

So, take heart Sage 500 ERP partners!  This is a positive move for all of us. Keep on doing what you’ve been doing.  I’m counting on you to stay the course and help me continue to demonstrate the strong contribution Sage 500 ERP makes to the portfolio when presented to the right customer.

Sage ERP X3 has a place in the portfolio as well and is destined to see growth in North America. My mission is to see that we find, package, and deploy the right mix of features for the right customers to ensure that growth.  That doesn’t mean that I won’t be doing exactly the same thing for Sage 500 ERP.  In fact, it just makes it easier because now I have insight into the larger picture.

So, let’s take a deep breath, roll up our sleeves, and keep on keepin’ on.