Hello Sage 500 ERP Partners,

Show of hands – how many of you want to increase your revenue this year from software sales?  Okay, good to know.  Now, how many of you want to increase your revenue this year from consulting?  Really – that many of you?  Interesting.  So, if there were a session at Sage Summit 2012 that could demonstrate a tactic that could, according to one reliable source, increase your software revenue by 20% and your consulting revenue by up to 40% – would it be worth your while to attend?  What if that same strategy could mean the difference between staying in any deal versus being dismissed after the first pass?  Would that be enough to encourage you to sign up?

Well, guess what.  We have just such a session planned for Sunday, August 12 and there is still plenty of room for you to attend.  The name of the session is Vertical Options and Sage 500 ERP.  Come join us for this informative, important, profitable session.  You can see the details on who the panel member will be here.

Don’t miss this opportunity!  See you there!

The Super Sunday logo.

The Super Sunday logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello Sage 500 ERP Partners,

As the saying goes, “Time flies when … “.  I’ll let you fill in the rest.  Whatever it is that’s making time fly for you (and hopefully it’s closing all those new sales for Sage 500 ERP), please take a moment to review the schedule of sessions for Sage Summit 2012.  We’ve planned an excellent line-up of sessions tailored especially to you and we really need your attendance to make them worthwhile!

In particular, for the first time in a long time, we have Super Sunday sessions planned on topics you’ve requested.



Wish you knew more about Advanced Planning, Demand Planning, MRP or Replenishment and how the parameters and calculations worked?  This is the session for you!  In this session you’ll learn how to assist your customers in getting the most out of the planning capabilities in Sage 500 ERP.  You won’t want to miss this opportunity.

So, whatever you’re doing … take a break … open your web browser … and sign up today!!



See You There!!!