Hello Again Sage ERP MAS 500 Partners,

I am pleased to announce the release of the August 2011 Product Update!  The update is available for download from www.sagesoftwareonline.com as of this week.  We’ve included two important enhancements in this update that I believe your customers will find very useful.  The first is an added feature in Credit Card Processing for both versions 7.3 and 7.4 – Post Authorize Credit Card for an Amount in Excess of Pre-Authorized Amount.  As you know, our policy is to only include enhancements in the Product Update for the most current release but this feature was so requested we decided to include it for the prior version as well.  The second enhancement adds a task
to generate an ACH Remittance Advice – ACH Remittance Advice.  This enhancement is available for version 7.4 only.

Post Authorize Credit Card for an Amount in Excess of Pre-Authorized Amount

With the release of the August 2011 Product Update, users can now go in to Customer Maintenance and establish a limit for Credit Card Upcharges.

  • The limit can be a Monetary amount or a Percentage of the total
  • Established on an individual customer basis for added flexibility and control

Once the limit is established, when a post authorization is processed that exceeds the pre-authorized amount – as long as the excess is within the limit – the post authorization succeeds using the original authorization number.  No longer is there a need to guess at a freight amount, or process two transactions to collect for the overage.  The program handles it all in one simple transaction.  Of course, if the overage exceeds the limit, manual steps are still needed to reconcile the discrepancy.

ACH Remittance Advice

A new task is added to the Accounts Payable Activities menu with the August 2011 Product Update for version 7.4 called “Print ACH Remittance”.  This new task allows users to print a voided check form listing the vouchers paid with any posted ACH Remittance batch, thereby providing an audit trail or file copy to attach to the voucher copies.

You can see quick video overviews on both of these features on my YouTube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/user/lscade

Looking Ahead…

Looking ahead for Sage ERP MAS 500 there are positive signs on the horizon.

  • Just today Microsoft announced that Windows 8 will support virtualization at the desktop so that users can run multiple operating systems locally. http://blogs.msdn.com/b/b8/archive/2011/09/07/bringing-hyper-v-to-windows-8.aspx
  • Sage continues to invest in the continuing development of Sage ERP MAS 500 at or above the industry standard rate.  We continue to add new features designed to strengthen our market share in advanced distribution and manufacturing verticals.
  • Development efforts for Version 7.5 are well underway.  Many of you have been invited to join in conference calls with our design staff to help us define those new features.  I am currently working on an update to the Sage ERP MAS 500 roadmap that will include broad stroke concepts for the 7.6 release and a preliminary timeline for additional improvements along the way.
  • Efforts are underway to define requirements for a Project Accounting solution that could be deployed across the portfolio.  If you have direct input or customers who would like to give direct input, please provide their contact information and I will follow up with them.
  • In the coming months – watch for new license promotions, additional marketing materials, updated websites, the introduction of a new freight solution, and other activities to help you succeed in your sales efforts.

If at any time you have questions or concerns regarding the future of the product, feel free to reach out to me personally at linda.cade@sage.com or by phone at 949-864-7040.

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Thanks for reading,


Hello Sage ERP MAS 500 Partners,

I’m starting this blog as another way to reach out to you from Sage with thoughts and news from Sage ERP MAS 500 Product Management.  In this first communication, let me take this opportunity to congratulate the following Sage ERP MAS 500 partners who were named amoung Accounting Today’s 2011 VAR 100:

  • Net@Work / New York
  • Blytheco / Laguna Hills, CA
  • BKD Technologies / Springfield, MO
  • Socius / Dublin, OH
  • Infinity Info Systems / New York
  • Clients First Business Solutions / Holmdel, NJ
  • SBS Group / Woodbridge, NJ
  • NexTec Group Inc. / Seattle
  • BCG Systems / Akron, OH
  • SWK Technologies Inc. / Livingston, NJ
  • DSD Business Systems / San Diego
  • CompuData / Philadelphia
  • RKL eSolutions / Lancaster, PA
  • BCS ProSoft / San Antonio
  • Arxis Technology Inc. / Simi Vally, CA
  • ISM/Barsa / Portland, OR
  • Practical Software Solutions / Concord, NC
  • Southeast Computer Solutions / Miami
  • L. Kianoff & Associates / Birmingham, AL
  • Hightower Inc. / Skokie, IL
  • Martin & Associates / Cincinnati

CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU for representing Sage!

Your efforts every day make all the difference!  I have every confidence as we approach the end of Fiscal 2011 that Sage ERP MAS 500 will maintain our market share and our strong Revenue per Active Customer.  I hope to be able to share thoughts, news and ideas with you from a product management viewpoint over the coming months to make your job easier and continue to build your confidence in the product and our dedication to your success.

If you have constructive ideas on topics you would like to see discussed here, please feel free to post a comment.  If you like what you see here, please subscribe to the blog and share it with a friend … Like it, Share it, Tweet it!

More later …