Hello Sage 500 ERP Partners,

The March 2012 Product Update for versions 7.3 and 7.4 of Sage 500 ERP (formerly Sage ERP MAS 500) is now available for download on the Partner Portal.  Product Update 3 for Sage 500 ERP Business Intelligence (SMI) is also available in a separate download.

Version 7.3 Notable Changes

In keeping with our ongoing support policies, product updates for versions prior to the current version exclude enhancements.  Nonetheless there are some notable changes new to the March 2012 Product Update that warrant mention.  In particular, users will note the modification of the splash screen at login to display transitional messaging introducing the new Sage 500 ERP naming of the product.  Additionally, this update includes support for Microsoft Office 2010 SP1 for version 7.3.  Lastly, there are a number of updates to the behavior of Project Accounting fields and entries encountered in the Purchase Order module.  As a reminder, product updates are cumulative of all prior updates for the associated version. Details on the specific program fixes and the objects modified are included in the v7.3 Release Notes.

 Version 7.4 Enhancement

In addition to the program fixes, the March 2012 Product Update for version 7.4 includes an enhancement to Project Accounting Credit Memos.  The purpose of the enhancement is to add the ability to make credit memos billable.  Customers find it necessary on occasion to adjust Project Accounting expense entries.  In many cases, the adjustment is the result of the expense having been charged to the wrong project.  Prior to this enhancement, the expense entry had to be completely reversed and reentered in order to be applied to the correct project.  With the enhancement, an entire entry is eliminated.

For additional details on this and prior enhancements included in this cumulative update, please review the v7.4 Release Notes.

Announcing Reporting Trees for Sage 500 ERP Business Intelligence

Product Update 3 for Sage 500 ERP Business Intelligence (SMI) includes a number of key enhancements including:

  • Enhanced Report Designer Mapping Tool
  • Support for Load Balanced Environments
  • Reporting Trees
  • New Report Distribution Options
  • Report Designer Progress Bar
  • Improved “Refresh Data” in Report Designer
  • Easier “Right Click” Drill Down Capabilities
  • Financial Reports Performance Improvement
  • New BI Tools Tool Tips

The addition of the Reporting Trees allows customers to model complex reporting structures and view their organization in many different ways with the click of a button.  Sophisticated corporate hierarchies requiring up to hundreds of tree units to adequately depict the reporting structures can be accommodated in a visual depiction for ease of design without requiring a change to financial data.  Once a Reporting Tree is saved, it can easily be linked to one or more Report Design layouts saved within the workbook for report generation thus streamlining the entire process.

Additonal enhancements improve accessibility to data, ease of use, and productivity.  Please review the Release Notes for details on this important update.

Thanks for listening,